Mobile Continuous Integration


Off late , I restarted working in the mobile space and , though in the past I wrote automation test scripts for mobile apps, this time, it was new because, the goal now was Continuous Integration i.e. Continuous Build, Continuous Deployment and Continuous Test Automation.

In the mobile space, Android and iOS are obvious competitors and a majority of apps belong to either of those. Each ecosystem comes with its own sets of tools, libraries, sdk’s , emulators/simulators and so on.

After struggling and understanding each ecosystem and the touch points, I was able to implement the below architecture using jenkins, nexus, sonarqube and appium.  Each area again has internal details which is beyond the scope of this post, but I thought the architecture would help anyone who is intending to apply Continuous Delivery (CI/CD/CT) concepts to mobile apps.

Mobile app Continuous Integration



Note: If anyone is struggling in this space, drop me a note through my website and I will be glad to share more information. Please do your homework before reaching out.


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